CBT Special offer for this weekend only just £75 including bike hire and use of helmet,jacket and gloves ,2 Spaces Sunday 15th December, weekday CBT Renewal Spaces available, Short Notice DAS\A2 Deals available call for details....





 Many schools arent aware of changes that are due to be implemented  despite all been advised of results of a consultation paper  back in 2017 and up dates on the government website, these have also been reported in the media from MCN and Bennetts of which we have placed a link. All though exact dates have not been given some are scheduled for 2018 . One such change will be the A2 upgrade beeing carried out by schools after training rather than re taking the test at test centre we will keep you posted when up dates are given.





We offer a full range of bike courses, including CBT Compulsory Basic Training, DAS Direct Access,
A1 and A2 Restricted license, Scooter and Moped lessons and Advanced Courses.