CBT £120,Spaces available for July, A2/DAS and upgrades available please call for dates




All courses/tests and motorcycle training have been suspended by the Driving Standards Agency until restrictions are lifted .


CBT Course (Compulsory Basic Training) This is not a test , so no Pass or  Fail , we are looking that you are safe from A to B.


CBT £120 - including bike hire and standard insurance £105 - if using your own bike, ( Terms and Conditions apply ask for details)


No Extra charge for use of helmet, jacket and gloves. Due to Covid all Helmets have been replaced and sanatised, all clothing is washed after each student.


CBT is a full day training course , breaks are given at intervals throughout the day (tea and coffee free of charge)

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Test Changes


Changes to bring UK driving licences in line with those around the EU mean new rules for Motorcycle Licences and tests from 19th January 2013. To Simplify this means riders aged 17-18 will only be able to ride a standard 125cc machine and nothing bigger without taking a second test. 19-23 will be restricted to 46.6bhp and nothing larger without taking a second test having waited 2 years before doing so. If you are 21-23 you will no longer be able to take a DAS course. 24 and over will take DAS on larger 650 cc machines. The test for all categories is the same it is quite simply the size of bike you are taking it on that differs.


All full courses you wil require a CBT certificate, a motor cycle theory certificate and both parts of your licence.

Payment plans available for DAS/A2 ask for details.





17-18 you can just ride a standard 125cc machine and nothing bigger, once passed you do not need to display L plates, you can go on motorways and carry a passenger however you will not be able to ride larger bikes without taking further tests. To ride a larger bike you have to wait 2 years or be 19 or over to take the next test A2 licence.


A2 (Flexible training , Courses or single days to suit your needs)


19-23  once passed you can ride a bike up to 46.6 Bhp you cant restrict any bike it must be no more  than 92bhp as declared by the manufacturer so no R6 or Ninjas with restrictors. You can ither stay on this licence or after two years take a further test to be able to ride larger bikes category A. (Please note changes are coming in exact dates have not  been given however changes are for Schools to carry our training for the upgrade rather than taking a test please go to the news section on our website for details.)


DAS - Direct Access Motorcycle Licence (A)  ( Flexible training, courses, single days to suit our needs)


There are 3 main requirements to the DAS license; a minimum age of 24, a valid CBT certificate and a valid motorcycle theory test. The DAS is a full test, and successful completion allows the riding of any size bike with un-restricted bhp, riding without learner plates, riding on motorways and carrying passengers. The test has to be taken on 650cc machines and will allow you to ride any motorcycle.


Enhanced Rider Scheme


The DSA, along with the Motorcycle industry, have put together a new package of training known as the Enhanced Rider Scheme.


The scheme is beneficial to al bike riders who have a full motorcycle licence, no matter what size of bike, or the experience level of the rider. So if your skills could do with polishing we can help, there is NO TEST involved, we tailor training to your needs and you will earn discounts on your insurance as a result, we are the only DSA approved Enhanced Rider school in the area.


Many of the leading motorcycle insurance companies have signed up to this scheme and are prepare to offer substantial discounts to riders who have completed the training and received their certificate.


These companies are:


AA Insurance, Bennett’s Insurance, AXA, Bikesure, Carole Nash, Chandler Direct, Chaucer Insurance, CIA insurance, Devitt, Direct Choice Insurance, E Bike, Equity Red Star, Express Insurance, Groupama, Hastings Direct, Highway, KGM, Lexham, Link/ Zenith, MCE Insurance, Motorcycle Direct, NIG, Norwich Union, Norwich Union Direct, Premium Choice, Rampdale, Royal & Sun Alliance, Swinton Insurance


please check though as the list is continuing to grow.


Vouchers for Birthdays and Special Occasions available .........


We offer a full range of bike courses, including CBT Compulsory Basic Training, DAS Direct Access,
A1 and A2 Restricted license, Scooter and Moped lessons and Advanced Courses.